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Wait! Before you hire, make sure they are IICRC certified!!

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration Certification SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is proud to be a part of the IICRC's certified cleaning and restoration firms! 904 429-4457

Before you hire a restoration company, make sure they are IICRC certified!

What is IICRC? The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Board. 

What does it mean to be an IICRC certified firm? It means we strictly follow and enforce the latest and best industry practices and standards!

When someone receives an IICRC certification, they are held to the highest of industry standards. This helps keep industry standards high and helps establish a national standard. When it comes to water damage, fire damage, and mold damage: There is nothing more important than making sure the job is done right the first time! 

Unmatched in technical excellence, IICRC standards are developed to provide the highest quality concepts, terminology and procedures recognized in the cleaning and restoration industry. 

That's why insurance professionals keep an IICRC graduate in their list of contacts! 

Here are some of the many values an IICRC certified firm is expected to uphold:

Respect: An IICRC certified firm is expected to show respect to all clients and staff at all times. 

Integrity: It is expected that all certified firms have and practice strong ethical principles. This goes for all aspects of the restoration industry; Marketing, Pricing, Scope of Work, Communication with all respective parties involved, and Execution! 

Responsibility: All IICRC certified firms are expected to treat the scope of work at customers' properties as if it were their own!

Excellence: Service, Leadership, and overall excellence are expected out of all IICRC certified firms! 

Expertise: To keep industry standards as high as possible, the IICRC requires continuous education courses be taken to keep certification / license. 

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is proud to be a Certified IICRC firm!

Recent Customer Testimonials!!

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO loves our customers! With us, you can feel confident in our services and with the integrity of this company. We're here for you, here to help! Call (904) 429-4457!

Here at SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service! Our motto here is to create happy customers! We're here to help, here in your communities. Here are a few of our most recent customer testimonials! 

"SERVPRO in St. Augustine was phenomenal! I had no clue where to begin when my house flooded, was immediately overwhelmed with the thought of how much it would cost and if insurance would cover it, and dreading how much of a nightmare it might be to get insurance to cover it. I called them after hours. They had a couple guys out within a half hour. Extremely nice and professional and went right to work without hesitation. I was very happy for their quick response because I knew the importance of drying out immediately to avoid a lifetime of mold problems in my house if it didn't get taken care of immediately. On top of great service on site, their communication with my insurance company was impeccable. I didn't have to pay a dime to have them come out, and they were immediately on top of it with my insurance company to make sure everything got covered and paid by my insurance. I can't praise their expertise or professionalism enough. I will recommend them to everyone and anyone." - Rachel S. 

Thank you so much, Rachel!

"Very friendly & extremely professional." - Larry L. 

"If ever there were a company that deserved MORE than 5 stars, this would be it! I have been flooded 4 times in 4 years with 3 hurricanes and most recently with the Nor'Easter. I might be the most skeptical consumer out there after being taken advantage of by SO many businesses and people throughout these ongoing traumas. When I met David for my most recent flooding, I was initially quite wary because I believed this franchise of SERVPRO would be just more of the same that I have dealt with over these past years...... I cannot even express how shocked I was to find I was SO SO SO wrong. David and his crew treated me like family! This truly is a big name company with a small town loyalty and COMMUNITY at heart!!!! I am so grateful to have been referred to them by another very happy customer, and will forever spread the word at what an outstanding company they are. THIS SERVPRO has an owner and crew that are not only professionals and highly skilled at their trade of saving homes, but they are kind, compassionate, and full of integrity. What a rarity!!!! THANK YOU to everyone at this company for restoring my faith (and my home)!!!" - Dr. Nicolino

More happy customers created! If you ever need water extraction, mold removal / mitigation, fire damage restoration, biohazard and crime-scene cleanup, storm damage response, reconstruction services (and much more), call us at (904) 429-4457!

3 Fire Safety Tips for The Office!

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher on wall SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is here to help our communities return properties to preloss condition. (904) 429-4457!

Every office building has some degree of fire risk, no matter what type of business occupies the space or the size of the staff. Taking some preventive fire safety measures in your office will protect your employees and your business’s assets. These precautions can help save lives and dramatically reduce the amount of fire restoration and smoke and soot removal and cleanup that is required after an emergency.

How to Practice Fire Safety in the Office

1. Install Fire Extinguishers

Fire codes require businesses to install fire extinguishers in their office buildings. Different industries and locations have different guidelines, so check the regulations for your business to ensure you are following these standards.

Offices should generally be equipped with water and foam extinguishers that are stored no more than 75 feet apart. Kitchens should have a Class K rated extinguisher. Extinguishers should be easily visible, with the top no more than 5 feet from the ground.

2. Educate Your Team

Touch base with your staff every six months about fire prevention and safety. For example, highlight the dangers of smoking close to the building or discarding still-lit cigarette butts into flammable materials such as trash bins or dry leaves. Show your employees the safe routes out of the building, the locations of pull alarms, and how to use the extinguishers.

3. Use Fireproof Storage

If the unthinkable does happen and a fire burns your building to the ground, you don’t want all of your business’s files and data to be lost. Install fireproof safes and filing cabinets to protect important files. When possible, store digital information securely in the cloud or on off-site servers. Fire restoration can restore your building, but it is this preventive measure that will protect your data.

If disaster does occur, the fire restoration team at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach is here to help. This business in St. Augustine, FL, has trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment for efficient fire damage repair. They will handle every aspect of your restoration, from water extraction to adding the finishing touches to your restored building. Learn more online or by calling (904) 429-4457.

How to prepare a fire escape plan for your office

8/22/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO advertisement SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is here to help with water damage, fire damage, fire restoration, emergency cleaning services! 904 429-4457

It’s important for every office to have their own customized fire escape plan. Having a clear-cut process in place will help protect employees in the event that flames spread. From evacuating to dialing 9-1-1, a strong plan will help reduce the amount of fire restoration work you’ll need in the aftermath. Here’s a guide to what a thorough plan should involve. 

3 Elements of a Strong Fire Escape Plan for an Office

1. Designate Roles

The first step is to assign different roles in the fire response plan. First, name a person who is going to be in charge of overseeing the effort. Then, appoint different assistants to help that individual.

There should be someone to alert the fire department (plus a fire restoration crew), someone to sound the alarm system, and others to direct employees out of the building. When everyone knows their role, the evacuation will go much smoother. 

2. Label Routes

Next, it’s crucial to establish the fastest and safest routes out of the building. It’s important to designate various options, since an exit plan may vary depending on where the fire begins.

In addition to creating maps that show these routes and making those maps available throughout the office, they should be clearly labeled along walls so employees can still find their way during a fire escape. 

3. Rehearse

Lastly, offices must conduct regular fire drills. That is the best way to test out the effectiveness of your current system. It lets officers rehearse their roles and gives the rest of the employees practice for how to get out safely. You can even time the responsiveness of your office and set goals for being able to leave faster each time. 

If your office building experiences any trouble with fire, reach out to a top fire restoration company like SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach in St. Johns County, FL. These professionals ensure that all traces of a fire are completely removed, from soot to damaged walls and furniture. They remove pollutants from upholstery and replace carpets to restore the space. To set up an appointment, call (904) 429-4457 or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

Know Who to Call Before a Storm!

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

hurricane season sign SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach is determined to help you in the event of water damage.

Hurricane season is upon us. There are currently two tropical storms already in the Gulf of Mexico. This hurricane season is predicted to be extremely active. Hurricanes are unpredictable and can cause severe water damage. It is very important to know what to do in the event of water damage before the loss occurs. 

Before a storm occurs, talk to your insurance agent to find out what kind of coverage you have. If a storm is predicted to affect your geographic area, prepare your home and property for impact the best you can.

Secure all doors, windows, and other points of entry in your home. Move electronics off of the floor and have at least 5 days worth of food, water, and stock up on medications.

In the event of water damage, act quickly to restore your home. Standing water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and attracts mosquitoes. Untreated water damage can also lead to harmful mold growth. 

SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach is here for you during this hurricane season! Call us at (904)-429-4457 for a free estimate!

We Have a Great Reconstruction Team!

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees laying floor down SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach is your one-stop shop after suffering a loss.

Here at SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach, we have a great reconstruction team that is always ready to make the job look complete and professional. Whether it's flooring, drywall, or painting, we can make it look "Like it never even happened."

What makes us different is that we are a full restoration and reconstruction company. That means that once we are done removing damaged surfaces or objects, you do not have to hire someone else to do reconstruction work. We are a one-stop shop for all of your restoration and reconstruction needs. 

Us having the ability to cut out any middlemen or other companies speeds up the process as a whole, which means you can get your life back faster. Suffering a loss is stressful and it interrupts your life, but we are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Call SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach for a free estimate today at (904)-429-4457!

What to do when disaster strikes in St Johns County, FL

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO work van loading drying equipment for water damage restoration! SERVPRO work van loading drying equipment for water damage restoration! SERVPRO St Augustine 904-429-4457!

When you have called an expert to provide storm damage restoration, you’ll want to do a few things if you can, before help arrives. The team at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach in St. Augustine, FL, are the area’s premier water damage restorers and specialty cleaners. They can help you restore your property to preloss condition when your property has been damaged by a storm. Water damage can lead to secondary damage at your property if the water extraction process doesn't begin ASAP. 

Here’s what you need to do when you discover water damage:

  • Mop Excess Water: It’s perfectly okay to start the cleanup process before storm damage restoration services providers arrive. You can blot and mop away excess water on hardwood floors, and even carpets, to get the cleaning process started. Feel free to use towels and dishcloths to soak up water sitting on counter-tops and tabletops. 
  • Organize Items: Your professional cleaners will arrive with large pieces of equipment and tools to take care of various steps of the excess water removal and cleanup process. Clear away entryways of clutter and small pieces of furniture. Prop up furniture against walls to make space for carpet cleaners, vacuums, fans and other machines.
  • Remove Art & Fragile Items: You will want to carefully remove any artwork and other fragile items from areas that will be cleaned. Make sure to take extra care when climbing ladders or furniture to reach items in higher places since some surfaces may be slippery. Take your time to remove and store these items in waterproof containers or cover them with towels until the cleanup is complete.

Whether your home, office, or property is flooded after a major rainstorm in Greater St. Augustine, you’ll need professional services to repair any damage and prevent water leaks and mold buildup. If you need to hire professionals for storm damage restoration services, call the team at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach in St. Augustine, FL at (904) 429-4457 or visit their website for more information. Follow us on Facebook too! 

Water Damage in a Condo Complex is No Fun

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on a water damaged floor SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach specializes in water damage and mold removal. 904 429-4457

Water damage is devastating to any building. It is especially devastating in condominium or apartment complexes. A loss that originated in your unit can leak into other units, or even worse, a leak originates in another unit and leaks into yours. Condo or apartment complexes often have overlapping water pipes, so if one unit has an issue with water damage, another unit probably will too. 

There is also the situation in which the condo or apartment owner or tenant isn't there when the water loss occurs and it spreads to other units. This can be stressful if the property manager doesn't have a key to the unit suffering the loss or the occupant is hard to contact. 

Before buying or renting a condo or apartment, make sure the landlord or property manager knows what to do in that situation and has a trusted vendor they would call. It is important to treat water damage as quickly as possible to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria. Here at SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach, we are experts on water damage restoration. Call (904)-429-4457 for a free quote!

Untreated Water Damage Can Create a Bigger Problem

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

black mold Untreated or unnoticed water damage often leads to mold growth needing to be remediated.

Even the smallest water leak can create a habitat for mold growth, whether you know about the leak or not. Water that sits in drywall, flooring, wood or the general structure of the house begins to create damage immediately. Water damage is just the beginning of problems associated with water leaks or flooding. 

Sitting water creates the perfect situation for mold growth. Mold is a type of fungus. These organisms can be white, green, purple, orange, or black. They thrive on moisture and reproduce through airborne spores. If left untreated or unnoticed, mold will continue to grow and spread around the affected area. 

Mold is associated with various health effects and may affect those with preexisting respiratory issues more intensely. To avoid getting mold in your home, make sure any water leaks or flooding is treated with urgency and priority. If you notice mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach at (904)-429-4457 for a free estimate! We specialize in mold removal and mold remediation! 

Water Damage Can Happen to Anyone!

8/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians cutting drywall Cutting drywall to find the source of a water leak is an important step in the restoration process.

You never expect water damage to happen to your home or business but if it does, know you can call SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach for help! 

Most water damage cases are unexpected. We know it's not fun to plan for a "worst case scenario" type of situation, but it is important to know who you will call if you suffer a loss to your home or business. 

It is very important to act with urgency when dealing with water damage. If left untreated, harmful mold could grow. The loss can also get worse if more water enters the damaged area. Water damage is less harmful if treatment begins as quickly as possible after the loss. 

If you suffer water damage, know that we are here to help! Our technicians specialize in water damage restoration and it will be "Like it never even happened." Call us at (904)-429-4457 for a free estimate!