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What Does it Mean to Be IICRC Certified?

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, we pride ourselves on being IICRC certified, knowing that we offer the best service possible to our customers. 

The IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC has evolved into a global organization with more than 6,000 Certified Firms around the world. The IICRC established the recognized standards for inspection, cleaning, and restoration and serves as the foundation for basic principles of proper restoration practices. These practices are reviewed and updated every 5 years to keep up with changing environments and advancements in technology. These stands include cleaning carpet, upholstery, textile floor coverings, commercial cleaning and restoration, fire cleaning and restoration, mold restoration, and water damage cleanup and restoration.

To become IICRC certified, employees go through specific training to learn each standard and the science behind that standard. Companies that are IICRC certified are expected to uphold a certain level of integrity and excellence.

When you hire an IICRC certified company like SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, you have peace of mind knowing that knowledgeable and professionally trained technicians with the most up-to-date procedures and knowledge will handle your water, fire, or mold damage mitigation. 

Is Your St. Augustine Business Practicing Good Fire Prevention and Safety?

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

SEVPRO female employees standing with local St. Johns County Fire Rescue Fire Fighters SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine thanks our local fire department for helping keep local commercial properties safe from fires!

Fires can be devastating to both businesses small and large. According to FEMA, 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and another 25 percent fail within one year after. That is why it is crucial to protect your business from preventable disasters by keeping up with the latest fire safety codes. To help your business practice fire safety and prevention, follow the steps below.

Preventing building fire Damages By Following the Fire Code

The Florida Fire Prevention Code is updated every 3 years. It is a resource comprised to accurately apply and enforce requirements that help and protect life and property. The fire codes are enforced by local fire officials within each county, municipality, and fire district in the state. 

Unfortunately, too many commercial property owners fail to update the fire prevention system they have in place when these updates are made but it’s important to stay informed and in code for your safety.

The 11 most common code violations in commercial properties are:

  1. Improper use of extension cords. This is one of the most serious and most common, you should never attach extension cords together, to permanent fixtures or pass them through holes in the wall.

  2. Blocked exits and fire doors. It is critical to keep all doors and exits unblocked 100% of the time. 

  3. Non-illuminated, flickers, blocked exit signs, and faulty lighting. 

  4. Improper storage in fire pump and riser rooms. Fire marshalls often see miscellaneous items stored in here and in the event of an emergency, slows or prohibits their ability to work and accesses needed equipment. 

  5. Blocked exterior fire department connection and valves. Landscaping such as trees, bushes, boulders or business equipment, pallets, and dumpsters are often in the way of the access points. 

  6. Incorrect fire sprinkler system. Your fire sprinklers have to be up to code for your company's business and purpose. 

  7. Fire extinguisher issues. Missing, damaged, or partially used fire extinguishers are especially common 

  8. Broken smoke detectors. Sometimes large facilities have difficulty keeping up with missing or faulty smoke detectors. 

  9. Fire alarms or pull stations not working. Fire alarm pull stations should not be blocked and should remain visible at all times. 

  10. Items hanging from sprinkler heads or pipes. When hanging things from sprinkler heads or pipes, it's easy to accidentally activate them, resulting in water damage to the affected area. 

  11. Not keeping proper records. As the owner of the building, it is your responsibility to retain copies of your inspection and repair records. 

How to Ensure You’re Following The Fire Code to Keep Your Business Safe

The common violations listed above are simple to avoid considering the potential alternative and should be taken more seriously. If you’re unsure how to follow these basics, contact your local St. Johns County Department and request to have a firefighter come to visit, prior to the official inspector, and educate you on the fire hazards in your commercial property as well as any violations that exist. This will help keep your business protected from fire and within code.

I Experienced a Fire. What's Next?

Unfortunately, even if you do routinely practice fire safety and prevention techniques fires still happen, resulting in significant water and fire damage. When that happens, you can count on your local SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach to mitigate fire and water damage losses. 

Fire damage restoration can help restore your commercial property to pre-fire condition, but it’s important to act fast to get fire remediation specialists out as quickly as possible to address the damage. If you find yourself dealing with commercial property fire damages, trust SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine, and our professional fire remediation services that we’re known for. With immediate emergency service 24/7, call us at 904-429-4457 and our trained fire technicians will be there to restore your commercial property damaged by fire.

How Quickly Should You Act When Water Damage Occurs in Your St. Augustine Business?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water damage timeline The restoration process begins quickly when you call SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine beach 24 hours a day for water damage emergencies

Unexpected water damage can be detrimental to any business, big or small. When it comes to a water loss situation, the key to keeping water damage to a minimum is mitigating the loss quickly to restore your St. Augustine business back to its normal, functioning state. While some situations may seem minor, even small amounts of water can cause significant damages if left unchecked and open the door to more severe secondary damages down the line. That is why it is crucial to call a professional as soon as water damage is suspected. 

What Happens When Water Damage Occurs and Sits Over Time? 

The Initial Loss 
Within minutes, the water quickly spreads into floors, drywall, fixtures, and contents. 

Within the First 24 Hours 
The drywall begins to swell and break due to the saturation, hardwood, and furnishings will swell and crack, and microbial growth my begin to grow from the excess moisture. 

Throughout The First Week 
Flooring will likely become unsalvageable, any wood that is saturated will begin to warp, wet ceilings may collapse, and microbial growth will accelerate. 

Unchecked Damages After a Week
After water damage sits for a week the restoration costs will begin to escalate, the property structural safety may be compromised, and existing microbial growth spores will continue to duplicate. 

At SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, we know that water damage is stressful and you may not know what the next steps are. That is why we are here to help you develop a contingency plan in case of water damage or another emergency situation. With our Emergency Ready Profile, you get a free assessment of your facility that identifies the prioritized point of contact for authorizing work to begin after an emergency situation so the cleanup and restoration process can begin. Having this in place in result saves time, lessening damages and costs, getting your business up and running quicker saving you both time and money!

If you suffer from water damage, your local SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach is here to help. Our highly trained technicians can mitigate and dry out the excess moisture quickly before the structural integrity of your property becomes at risk for secondary damages and mold growth. Acting quickly and avoiding any delays not only save the property's structural integrity but lessens the amount of time needed to mitigate the water damage, but the timely response can also aid in keeping overall costs down. Call us at 904-429-4457 to schedule a FREE estimate, or for emergency services 24/7/365! 

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine "Adopts a Family" This Holiday Season

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Christmas tree with gifts for local St. Augustine children We were so happy to be here to help this holiday season. Happy Holidays from our SERVPRO family, to yours

There is no better holiday tradition than spreading holiday cheer by getting involved with our local community and helping out those who are less fortunate. 

Each holiday season, Betty Griffin Center, a local women's domestic violence and sexual assault shelter offers their "Adopt-A-Family" program where they have their families in our shelter fill out a ‘wish list’ for the holiday. After participating for the first time last year, it quickly became a new holiday tradition that we would continue to embrace for years to come. 

This year we "adopted" a family of 6 and had so much fun shopping for the items on the wish list, it definitely got us in the holiday spirit!

If you would like to donate, Betty Griffin Center offers a variety of donation opportunities, for more information check out their website and Wish List or their Thrift Shoppes and see how you can help them reach more people in our community. 

Betty Griffin Center's mission is to offer protection and quality services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their families in St. Johns County. They operate a shelter that offers assistance, counseling, and transitional support to the women and their families. 

Emergency Board-Up Services in St. Augustine

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Window boarded up after SERVPRO emergency board up services after a car drove through the glass SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach was able to get the damaged area boarded up within a few hours to prevent further damages!

Did you know that SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach offers emergency board-up services for both residential and commercial properties? 

Emergency board-up services include coving broken or damaged doors, windows, and other openings with plywood. When an incident occurs that needs board-up services, you may not be able to address and fix the broken or damaged window right away, that is why it is important that you board it up right away to prevent further damage. Board up offers protection from elements like rain and heavy winds, outside animals like raccoons, rats, or other pests, as well as protect your home from vandals that could further cause damage to your property. The property should then remain boarded up until you have it fixed by a professional. 

Over the weekend we got a call from a store owner who had a car drive through the storefront while doing a curbside pick-up order. We were able to get the damaged area boarded up within a few hours to prevent further damages until further repairs could take place the following week after our reconstruction manager walks the project to determine the next steps to complete a full repair. 

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach is always here to help. From water and fire damage restoration, mold mitigation to reconstruction and emergency board-up services, SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine is your one-stop shop to make it "Like it never even happened." We have highly trained emergency crews on call to respond to your call 24/7/365. Call us at 904-429-4457 to dispatch a crew, or check out our website here for more information on services offered to St. Augustine and surrounding St. Johns County! 

We Had a Blast At The Cross Creek VFD 40th Anniversary Celebration!

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Two female servpro employees sitting on the cross creek VFD truck Thank you Cross Creek VFD for the opportunity to attend and sponsor your anniversary celebration!

At SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, we love our first responders and giving back to our local community especially around the holiday season and this past weekend we had to opportunity to help the Cross Creek Volunteer Fire Department with their 40th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser!

The celebration was open to the local community and free food was provided, there were raffle prizes, a 50/50 Cash Prize Draw, and a horseshoe and cornhole tournament. It was a great opportunity to get the local community together for an afternoon of fun and raise some money to assist with the needs of the Cross Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

We had a blast and were so honored to sponsor the event and get involved with the local Hawthorn community while showing our appreciation to the hard-working firefighters that dedicate their time to the station! 

Keep Your St. Augustine Home Fire-Free This Holiday Season!

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

While house fires can happen any time of year, the holiday season can introduce new hazards that can increase the risk of fire. From decorations to cooking mishaps, many dangers can arise as you prepare for the festivities.

From 2014-2018 the National Fire Protection Association reports that U.S fire departments were called to an average of 172,900 home structure fires due to cooking disasters, with the number of home fires caused by cooking peaking at an average of 470 fires each day. With the holiday season approaching, SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach is here to offer some cooking fire safety tips to keep you, your family, and your home safe this Thanksgiving! 

1. Never leave food unattended on a range or cooktop. That’s where 61 percent of home cooking fires start.

2. Never cook on the stovetop when you are sleepy or intoxicated.

3. Use a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking.

4. Keep anything flammable – potholders, wooden utensils, towels, curtains, food wrapping – away from the stovetop.

5. If you must leave the kitchen for any period of time, turn off the stove.

We know that even with the utmost safety practices, that accidents can still happen. If your home sustains fire damage, the restoration experts at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach can return your home to its former glory. In addition to handling fire damage and restoration, we also handle smoke and mold removal as well as water damage restoration. To learn more about these services or to schedule a free estimate, call our office at 904-429-4457

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine Wants to Thank the Hardworking members of St. John Fire Rescue

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Fire fighter with servpro logo and text about first responders campagin SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine thanks and appreciates all the hard work from St. Johns Fire Rescue!

Here at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, we want to personally thank all the hard-working members of the St. Johns Fire Rescue. Through our First Responder Campaign, we are recognizing team members at each of the stations that go above and beyond. Their efforts do not go unnoticed by their team members, and we wanted to ensure they don't go unnoticed in the community as well.

Dealing with the aftermath and restoration, we see the devastation that fires and natural disasters can have on families and businesses, as well as the hard work and sacrifices that these men and women make to help our community. 

Over the next several weeks we are working to recognize the hardworking men and women of St. Johns Fire Rescue. Nominated by their own team, we will be visiting each shift at each station to deliver a token of our appreciation as well as spotlight them on our social media pages and monthly newsletters so that others in our community may recognize them as well. 

Thank you for all that you do! 

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach is a premier cleaning and restoration company specializing in water and fire damage restoration, catastrophic storm response, mold mitigation, deep cleaning, and reconstruction services. We have been serving St. Augustine and surrounding St. Johns County since 2015 and are dedicated to being Here to Help. Our emergency crew is ready to respond to disasters day or night 24/7/365. To learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate, check out our website here or call our office at 904-429-4457!

Not Only is it Spooky Season, it is Also Fire Season! Follow These Tips to Prevent Fires in Your St. Augustine Home this Halloween!

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

jack o lantern with SERVPRO logo SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach wishes you and your family a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

It's spooky season and Halloween is almost here, bringing ghosts and ghouls to your doorstep, allowing you to deck your house out in spooky decorations! While this is the perfect time to decorate your home, it's important to remember that 2 out of 5 Halloween fires occur because of improperly placed decorations.

The NFPA found that between 2014-2018 an average of 770 home structure fires began from Halloween decorations, resulting in 2 fatalities, 30 injuries, and over $11 million in property damage. The majority of these fires took place because these decorations were too close to a heat source. Use safe decoration practices to ensure that you have a safe, and fun Halloween season!

Candle with Care

According to the NFPA, more than 44% of fires occur because holiday decorations are too close to a heat source! Whether it's one in a jack-o'lantern or a fall pumpkin scent candle, blow out all candles when you leave the room or go to bed and keep candles at least 1ft away from anything flammable. Glow sticks or electric candles are a safer option to consider when lighting up your jack-o'lantern. 

Use Dried Decorations Sparingly

When it comes to decorations, fall and Halloween decorations are usually very dry- corn stocks, dried flowers, cornstalks, all of which are extremely flammable. Be sure to keep these and other decorations away from candles and other heat sources

Choosing Costumes 

Some costumes are made with nylon and plastics that could easily ignite if you pass too closely by a candle or flame, so when choosing a costume, you want to make sure you stay away from long trailing fabric. If the costume includes a mask, make sure that it does not interfere with vision and the ability to see your surroundings. 

Don't Block Doorways 

While you may be tempted to decorate doorframes using fake cobwebs and paper streamers, this can actually make it more difficult to exit the home if a fire does break out. Exits are NOT an appropriate place for decorations. Keep obstructive decorations to inner walls and out of hallways, windows, and doorways, leaving an open path to exit the home in the event of a fire.

At SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach we understand that even with the utmost planning and safe practices, accidents happen. That is why we are ready to respond to your emergency 24/7/365. If you have experienced a fire and are not sure what the next steps are, SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine is here to help, we will walk you through the process and provide you with a free estimate. We will also work with your insurance company every step of the way. To schedule a free estimate or learn more about the services we provide, 904-429-4457

What Does Fire Damage Restoration Entail?

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

Whether it started in a nearby brush or right on your stovetop, a fire can wreak havoc on your home. That is why it’s crucial to contact a fire restoration crew as soon as the damage is done. If you’re wondering how they repair properties, the guide below lists the steps of the restoration process.

5 Steps to the Fire Restoration Process

1. Inspection

The fire restoration crew will start by putting on safety gear so they can enter the site without inhaling smoke particles. Then, they’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the building, making a note of any fire, smoke, or water damage they encounter along the way.

2. Containment

To prevent the smoke particles from drifting throughout the property and causing further damage, such as discoloration, the fire restoration crew will block off the most damaged areas. This is also important because soot inhalation can cause respiratory issues. If the fire consumed the roof, they will cover the area with a tarp to protect the property from the elements.

3. Water Damage Restoration

If water was used by the property owners or firefighters to stop the fire from spreading, there may be water damage to address as well. The crew might have to rip out soggy carpets and remove wet wallpaper or insulation to prevent future mold growth. If mold has already begun to grow, they will execute remediation tactics to prevent it from spreading.

4. Fire Damage Restoration

This labor-intensive stage begins with soot removal on the walls and ceilings of the property. The crew has to be careful when removing the smoke damage so that the particles don’t become airborne and circulate throughout the indoor air supply. To remove particles already floating around, they may use an air scrubber. The crew will also work on restoring charred upholstery, window treatments, and mattresses.

5. Home Repair

Finally, the crew will wrap up the fire restoration process by addressing structural and aesthetic damage to the home. This might include reconstructing walls, frames, or support beams, replacing drywall or flooring, and repainting walls.

Homefires can be devastating both finically and emotionally, especially due to the fact that smoke and water damage from putting out the fire, often amplify the destruction to both the structure and the contents. At SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach, we are highly trained professionals that will help you recover from devastating fire & water damage if you do suffer a structure fire, but we believe that prevention is better than a cure. However, we know that accidents happen. That is why our team is ready to respond to your emergency 24/7/365!

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach specializes in water and fire damage clean-up and restoration services for both residential and commercial customers. For more information or to schedule a free estimate, call our office at 904-429-4457!