SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach Employee Photos

Male Production Manager Standing By Work Van

Kenneth Woodruff

Kenneth Woodruff is the Production Manager for Restoration Services at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach.  Kenneth is responsible for supervising 7 crews that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

His qualifications include: 

Production manager for three years

IICRC  certified for over three years

Has provided expertise and support through 5 hurricanes (including Panama City & NC)

Studied Civil Engineering @ The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

Native of St. Augustine, FL  

Kenneth brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every situation he encounters in the restoration field.  Fire, water, mold, cleanup, restoration, or remediation.  He can be counted on to provide accurate, detailed, and trusted advice.  In addition, he has extensive experience in working with the insurance industry experts; so he can handle that aspect  of any job as well.  Kenneth is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible to each and every one of his customers.  

Male SERVPRO marketing representative stands by a work van

Zach Spade

Zach is one of our sales marketing representatives, Zach has a background in sales and marketing and he joined our team on October 8th 2019. Zach has an Associate's degree from DSC and he is currently working on getting his IICRC Certifications. Zach enjoys going out in the field and helping technicians to improve his knowledge on the industry. We are happy to have Zach on our team here at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach. Zach is a member of BNI Success Partners. Zach can be reached (904) 293-7116! 

Male SERVPRO technician stands in front of a work van

Ken Julien

Ken is our Crew Chief.  In that role, he is responsible for proper setup and implementation of equipment, training of new crew members, customer communication, and project documentation in SERVPRO's DryBook system.  In addition, Ken has responsibility for overseeing  our equipment and warehouse; ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained, regularly cleaned and decontaminated between jobs, and properly inventoried, to ensure that we have all the required equipment to complete any size job.  Ken is actively working on attaining his IICRC certifications, he recently earned his 10-Hour OSHA certification and he's continuing his personal development, which makes him a valuable member of our team.

Male SERVPRO technician in front of a work van

Norbert Szabados

Norbert is our reconstruction Manager Norbert finished trade school in 1996, since then he has been working in construction; commercial, residential and remodeling.

Certified painter, drywall installer, wallpaper hanger, and decorator.

Norbert is originally from Hungary, he's been living in the US since 2014. He is always working hard to get the best out of himself and to give his best to the people around him. 

Male SERVPRO technician standing by a work van

Alex Hernandez

Alex is one of our reconstruction technicians!

Alex has 3 years of construction experience with a home builder, a year of supervising experience, has a great work ethic, he's bi-lingual and excited to bring his experience to SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach

Alex is continuously working on earning his IICRC certifications.

Male SERVPRO technician

Carlos Soto

Welcome our new team member!

Carlos has a year of flooring experience and he is excited to continue learning about the restoration industry.

He is actively working on his certifications and is excited to be here. Carlos has a positive attitude and is a joy to have around.

Male Crew Photo

Sadario Hadiman

Sadario comes to SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine with previous operations management experience in the automotive parts industry.  He has specific skills in the following areas: New employee training, incident management, safety, equipment, performance, quality, and records management.  In addition, Sadario has experience in project management, so he is very well suited to handle the oversight of projects and provide the accurate documentation required in the restoration field.  He also has received certifications in Environmental Awareness, Fire Safety, Hazard Communication, Lockout/Tagout, Fundamental Safety, PPE, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Industrial Operations. 

Male SERVPRO technician standing in front of a work truck

Anthony "Tony" Barr

Welcome our newest team member! 

Anthony joined our team after running his own contracting business for several years. We are excited to bring his professionalism, attention to detail and years of experience to our team here at SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach!

Tony is a certified painter and we are glad to have him!

Tony's an extremely skilled painter and handyman and he is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach.

Male SERVPRO technician standing in front of a work truck

Tim Shinkaroff

Welcome our newest team member!!

Tim joins our team after spending 5 years as an assistant property maintenance director for a condominium association, and he has experience with services similar to those we provide here such as mold mitigation. 

Tim has several years of management experience from his years as an assistant maintenance director where he managed several crews due to the size of the property. Tim performed many various property maintenance services while he was there. 

Tim is actively working on his IICRC certifications and is taking continuous learning classes through our online training system. Tim also has experience in the construction industry and is excited to learn more here through our training's and through hands-on experience with our build-back team. 

Female SERVPRO Employee

Sarah Korn

Sarah Is a University of Florida Alum. Her professional experience is multifaceted. Sarah started her career in the non-profit sector as a behavioral health educator, HIV/AIDs Counselor, and SAMH (Substance Abuse Mental Health) Therapist. Sarah left the SAMH field with the hope

of making a bigger impact on larger populations. She began working as the lead office manager for a national non profit organization dedicated to helping keep teens safe. Sarah was able to implement processes that led to make her role 100% remote for all offices nationwide. Eventually, Sarah switched up her entire career and got into sales. She worked as a sales representative for Sprint that focused primarily on outside sales and small businesses. She became a manager of many locations as she specialized in finding the problems and implementing plans to make the stores profitable and operationally sound. Sarah took pride in her stores and always made sure to train the next team for success before moving on to her next store. Eventually she became responsible for traveling and evaluating stores, training other managers while being responsible for maintaining her store at the top of her company. Due to her being away from her team, she had to master the art of communication and follow through to ensure her team was going after the initiatives of the business. She has joined the SERVPRO office team, bringing her transferable skills from management, training, and her compassion from the non-profit sector. Sarah is an asset to our team and is dedicated to providing our customers with an excellent customer experience.

SERVPRO male technician standing in front of a work truck

Daniel Khoury

Welcome to our new crew member!

Daniel comes to SERVPRO with prior management and project management experience at a flooring company. Daniel is excited to work on our restoration and reconstruction projects. 

SERVPRO male technician in front of truck

Connor Marcelina

Welcome to our new crew member, Connor Marcelina!

Connor is from West Fields, Massachusetts and he is new to St. Augustine. 

Connor has 4 years of construction experience and is excited to bring his knowledge and skill set to SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach

SERVPRO male technician in front of truck

Sean Anest

Sean is a member of our reconstruction crew and he also helps on the restoration side when needed.

Sean is a valued member of our team and he is actively working on his IICRC certifications and he's also taking SERVPRO continuous education courses.