Recent Before & After Photos

Vehicle Mold Remediation

One of the many services we offer is mold remediation. In this case, we responded to a call to remove mold and mildew from a vehicle that had been stored for o... READ MORE

Rusty Pipes in a Crawlspace

This crawl space was flooded with Category 3 water which required us to remove all insulation. We came across a rusty pipe that had been leaking for a significa... READ MORE

Mold Insulation

Does wet insulation need to be removed? The short answer is yes (most of the time.) If you're wondering why, here is some information that may help to educate y... READ MORE

Faulty Shower Pan

Leaking shower pans can cause long standing damage to your home, which is why it is always important to act immediately if you suspect a problem. When a shower ... READ MORE

What's Behind the Wall

This fully affected condo was the victim of strong wind damage during Hurricane Irma. Water poured in for 2 days, leaving all of the drywall saturated beyond re... READ MORE

Mold in a Coquina Building

The Original foundation in this building was coquina. The majority of the structure has had concrete block added to support existing coquina foundation. After H... READ MORE

Mold on Toe Kick and Baseboard

The photos featured show what happens when baseboard and toe kicks are not removed following a category 3 flood. The porous materials were affected by grossly c... READ MORE

Always Remove Baseboard After a Flood!

When your home or business suffers a flood loss, certain steps should always be taken to ensure that your building is protected from future damage. One of the m... READ MORE

SERVPRO Chemicals Are Superior!

The owner of this tub tried every over the counter chemical to clean the discoloration on this tub. After scrubbing for an hour with no luck, the owner called S... READ MORE

Poor Indoor Air Quality!

The photos show an A/C unit that had not changed the filters regularly. Consequently, the coils had to be removed and deep cleaned. Routine maintenance can help... READ MORE