Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Damage in Ponte Vedra

This home in Ponte Vedra, FL has water damage to the ceiling in the bathroom. That water damage eventually caused mold to grow in the bathroom, requiring us to ... READ MORE

Office Flood

While this flood may look minor, if left untreated, it could cause a multitude of serious problems. The water was extracted from the floor, the baseboards were ... READ MORE

Condos St Augustine Beach

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is not only the first SERVPRO location in the old city, but also the only Full Service SERVPRO in the general area of St Augusti... READ MORE

Roof Damage/Ceiling patch - St Augustine

At SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine we offer a very wide range of services, from remediation to putback, by leveraging SERVPRO brand and network we are able to t... READ MORE

Water Damaged Condo in St Augustine Beach

Before photo shows equipment placement in a water damage situation. 2 foot cuts, plus St Augustine SERVPRO's technologically advanced equipment and the studs ar... READ MORE

Flooded utility room in St Augustine, Florida

Before photo shows one of the walls of this St Augustine utility room with baseboards removed for added air circulation to assist drying. After the washer disch... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in St Augustine

This before photo shows freshly finished drywall work by SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach. The after photo shows the same wall after a coat of... READ MORE

Flooded loft/game room in St Augustine, Florida

Did you know that our dedicated professionals respond to water incidents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? This before photo shows a game room/loft with basebo... READ MORE

Busted pipe in crawl space - St Augustine, Florida

Our customers noticed a spike in their utility charges - crawl space leak and subsequent water damage was the culprit. Elderly residents of the home needed a fu... READ MORE

Water damage in St. Augustine home.

It's all about that base, that that base! Before photo shows the baseboards off (removed to ensure behind the wall drying). The after photo shows off the base b... READ MORE

Water Damage eliminators, SERVPRO in St. Augustine

We have shared many different photos from this project, showing before and after's throughout multiple stages of this project, here you have one more set, takin... READ MORE

Water Damage Remediation meets Reconstruction.

We have shared many pictures from this project, here is one more set, what a transformation! From Devastation, the before photo shows SERVPRO of Greater St. Aug... READ MORE

Water Damage in St. Augustine, SERVPRO is here!

This before photo shows off the freshly sealed AC closet, after all water damaged drywall was removed. The after photo shows the drywall installed back. One of ... READ MORE

Water Damage, gone in '60 Seconds' in St Augustine

Before photo shows our equipment still in this St. Augustine condo after it was damaged by second floor pipe leak/flood. The after photo shows the same room aft... READ MORE

Water Damage restored in St. Augustine!

This before photo shows off the aftermath of a water damage. The after photo captured the same section of the home after this St. Augustine family moved back in... READ MORE

Water Damaged Condo in St. Augustine Beach.

Category 3 water damage restoration and as you can tell from the before photo drywall had to be removed. The after photo shows everything back to normal - "Like... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration by SERVPRO

When this local commercial space in St. Augustine needed water damage restoration SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach were excited to offer sta... READ MORE

Vinyl installation after Water Damage by SERVPRO

Before photo shows water damaged bathroom in a local commercial property, with affected vinyl removed and the drying process completed. The after photo shows th... READ MORE