Recent Building Services Before & After Photos

Brand New Master Bathroom!

The shower in this master bathroom had to be demolished due to mold that was growing from a leak behind the shower. After our restoration team had treated the a... READ MORE

Brand New Kitchen!

These before and after photos showcase the difference that our SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach reconstruction team can make after a fire d... READ MORE

SERVPRO, your local Full Service Restoration and Reconstruction go-to!

Proper containment is vital to ensure we keep demolition / construction debris from spreading! This is just another way our SERVPRO franchise goes above and bey... READ MORE

SERVPRO Full-Scale Remodel!!

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is your local full service restoration company! No job is too big or too small for us, and there is nothing... READ MORE

Our reconstruction team's got skills!

Not all SERVPRO's have a reconstruction team, but SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach does! We can do it ALL! Call us for a free estimate, 24/7... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning for St Augustine resident

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach offers an incredible range of services - HVAC/Duct Cleaning is one of them. We are experts when it comes to r... READ MORE

Carpet Stretch after water damage in St Augustine

Carpet in this St. Augustine condo building had to be floated and dried. The before photo shows a big cut in the carpet where it was lifted and the padding remo... READ MORE

Restoration/Water Damage Services in St Augustine

Flooded home in St Augustine was a result of a broken fountain! Outside waters rushed in and caused extensive water damage. You can see high camera readings, ev... READ MORE

Water leak in crawl space in St Augustine Beach

This before photo shows demolition in progress. With sub-floor saturated and very limited space under the house SERVPRO decided to demo the sub-floor, thus allo... READ MORE

Tile work after Water Damage, no problem! SERVPRO.

This before photo shows hardy board installed in this water damaged room (after all of the damage was removed). The after photo shows tiled room, before grout i... READ MORE

Reconstructing Water Damage Step by Step - SERVPRO

These photos are from the "sub-floor" water damage project. The before photo shows the sub-floor before the hardy board installation and the after shows hardy b... READ MORE

From Water Damage to Tile and Grout! SERVPRO!

Before photo shows the tile laid out in this utility room (our customers decided they didn't want to put back vinyl flooring and upgraded to tile). This is just... READ MORE

From Water Damage to new tile and baseboard!

Before photo shows finished tile flooring (look at the craftsmanship!), while after shows the same are with the baseboards installed. When it is convenient for ... READ MORE