What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

"Courteous staff and excellent response time when we needed help! Very thankful for Seth, Chris, and the rest of the team!"

"Chris did an excellent job. He is very personable, professional and empathetic. Comfortable working with him and his crew. He answered all questions and concerns. Awesome job!"

"Responded quickly, took moisture measurements and placed equipment strategically. Kind and thorough. Explained process well. Very happy how we were treated!"

"SERVPRO was called by my insurance company after a flood in my house. This happened at 2am. They were there by 11am and sucked water out of my carpets and installed fans 22 fans to help dry out the walls. They checked in every couple days to see how the fans were doing and stopped by to check personally using their meters on the walls to determine if there were dry. They were professional stayed in touch with me constantly. I had their cell phone numbers that I could reach them at any time. I would highly recommend them and their services and would call them again!"

John O’Neal showed up on-site within 30 minutes of our call!! He answered all my questions and ensured our needs were met! MJ and Josh were very professional as well! Great team! They worked around our schedule to ensure we were able to continue with our business without delay! Throughout the entire time, John kept me informed of each process! Amazing job! I highly recommend them!!!

Massive shoutout & thank you to SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine for helping us in our time of need. We came home from dinner & found our home flooded with aquarium water after one of our tanks cracked. It was a holiday weekend & they still showed up in less than an hour & began the process of cleaning up our home. They explained why demolition was needed & documented the whole process for insurance. We were excited to hear they offered rebuild services & could put us back together. They even packed up our contents and put the house back the way it was after the rebuild! We cannot thank them enough for assisting us & making our home even more beautiful than it was before, paying attention to every little detail/concern we had, and for getting us back in our home before the holidays!!!

Joey and Josh went above and beyond and worked incredibly hard to help with water damage in our house. Would very highly recommend SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine! 

Jeanette, Sierra, and several Kens (!) were exceptionally helpful and professional after I accidentally flooded my house. All communications were clear and concise. They were so helpful and I'm so grateful to them for quickly getting us back into our home. Thank you!!

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine was quick to start our water damage cleanup/dry out process. They did a great job of explaining the process & documenting for my/insurance records. I got a daily call from Joey letting me know what time he would be out to check all the moisture levels. My dog is going to miss his daily visits. They made a not easy situation go as easy as we could imagine. I sure hope I don’t need emergency water clean-up services again, but if I do, I’d this use SERVPRO again!

The SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine team which came for the storm damage in my basement was excellent! They were professional, responsive, knew what they were doing, and provided me with very good explanations for what they were doing. Even though there was extensive damage in the area, they responded by phone and/or text when I had a question. They came when they said they would and completed the job in a thorough manner. I am a grateful customer and would recommend them for any job! Thank you!

"Company was forthright, saved me a headache and money with the worry of flood damage. Would highly recommend SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach." 

We are currently using SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine to have repairs done for some water damage. So far, they have exceeded our expectations. The work they have performed as of now has been excellent! Everyone is friendly and professional. When they leave at end of the day, the place has been nice and tidy. Communication with the office staff has been excellent also. Five stars so far! This is the second time we used their service. Highly recommended.

Great SERVPRO location, friendly and professionally trained staff, knowledgeable office. Can't say enough about them going above and beyond to ensure all work is done properly and is covered by our insurance carrier. 

"In reviewing the incidents around the damage to my property, the help and mediation provided by SERVPRO stands out as exemplary, timely, and especially ready to provide up-to-date information on the course of recovery. They shined and I would return to them if necessary."

"10/10. Great service, very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly crew. I would recommend this SERVPRO franchise without hesitation."

A pipe in the wall behind the water closet cracked and leaked for an extended period of time. SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine performed both the remediation and reconstruction work. They were very professional in all of their activities, friendly and easy to work with. They offered detailed estimates for multiple solutions and helped us to arrive at the best option. All employees that came to the house were also adhered rigorously to COVID-19 safety protocols. We were very pleased with their work, would use them again, and would recommend them.

SERVPRO in St. Augustine was phenomenal! I had no clue where to begin when my house flooded, was immediately overwhelmed with the thought of how much it would cost and if insurance would cover it, and dreading how much of a nightmare it might be to get insurance to cover it. I called them after hours. They had a couple guys out within a half hour. Extremely nice and professional and went right to work without hesitation. I was very happy for their quick response because I knew the importance of drying out immediately to avoid a lifetime of mold problems in my house if it didn't get taken care of immediately. On top of great service on site, their communication with my insurance company was impeccable. I didn't have to pay a dime to have them come out, and they were immediately on top of it with my insurance company to make sure everything got covered and paid by my insurance. I can't praise their expertise or professionalism enough. I will recommend them to everyone and anyone.

"If ever there were a company that deserved MORE than 5 stars, this would be it! I have been flooded 4 times in 4 years with 3 hurricanes and most recently with the Nor'Easter. I might be the most skeptical consumer out there after being taken advantage of by SO many businesses and people throughout these ongoing traumas. When I met David for my most recent flooding, I was initially quite wary because I believed this franchise of SERVPRO would be just more of the same that I have dealt with over these past years...... I cannot even express how shocked I was to find I was SO SO SO wrong. David and his crew treated me like family! This truly is a big name company with a small town loyalty and COMMUNITY at heart!!!! I am so grateful to have been referred to them by another very happy customer, and will forever spread the word at what an outstanding company they are. THIS SERVPRO has an owner and crew that are not only professionals and highly skilled at their trade of saving homes, but they are kind, compassionate, and full of integrity. What a rarity!!!! THANK YOU to everyone at this company for restoring my faith (and my home)!!!"

So much equipment... you guy's are incredible!

All of SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach's current customers seem very pleased. They are doing a great job!

"The service was great"

"10/10, Great job"

"SERVPRO was there for me from start to finish, they took care of all water damage, they provided a pack out service and they were super professional throughout the entire process! Thanks."

"Thank you for taking care of us and our home."

Candace had a long term job with us and she sent our Production Manager a testimonial about how happy she's been with our team;

"I would like to commend your team on their professionalism and service over the last three weeks!"

- Candace

Hello- I just wanted to let everyone back at the office know how truly impressed we’ve been with your employees so far!!  From the timeliness in getting to our house in an emergency on Saturday, to their thoroughness in explaining everything along the way, they’ve been such life savers during this otherwise stressful situation.  A special shout-out to Ken and Mike for their back-breaking work today!!!  Not an easy job tenting such a large open area, but they were amazing— so friendly and polite, always taking the time to answer my many questions ?? Thanks again! Maureen R

Very impressed with the knowledge and courtesy of the on-site team! My concerns were addressed and prioritized. Thank you SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach!!

Thank you SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine! Manny was very nice and answered all of my many questions about the water damage

"We had a horrific flood due to our water heater The group at SERVPRO were so efficient and caring . They made a very stressful situation seem manageable . I called a lot and they were always so patient and took time to explain the details!.. Thanks Guys !"   

Very good Service! They called me each time before they were coming out, and were responsive to my requests for help. We had a pipe burst under the kitchen sink and SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine showed up within 2 hours of me calling for help and brought in a team of workers who commenced mitigation immediately.

Tiffany gave us a perfect score on her customer satisfaction report! She appreciated how professional and thorough our team was when performing service at her property. She was happy with how we prioritized her concerns and with how we stayed in contact with her throughout the job! Thanks for the perfect score Tiffany!!  

"Outstanding! 10/10" 

We had a water heater line burst on the second floor of my condo and SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach made the process worry-free from the minute I called their office to the very end of the project.

Dawn gave us excellent scores when we asked for her feedback on a water loss job we did for her property! She valued our efficient service and attention to detail while keeping her informed throughout the whole process. We appreciate her feedback greatly and will continue to strive for 10/10's from all of our clients!

Lawrence raved about our services when we handled their water damage issues. We look forward to serving him again!

David gave us a perfect score for our professionalism and attention to detail while he was suffering a water issue in his home. We were happy to assist him during a stressful situation and look forward to continuing business with David in the future!

The Hair Loft was incredibly happy with our services. They gave us 10/10 for our efficient service, understanding nature, and positive attitude as we took care of their facility for water damage. 

A local church, First United Methodist, had water damage due to an HVAC leak. They called SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach to perform restoration.  When we were finished, they gave us a perfect score on their customer satisfaction report! We love to help our local churches! 

Marianne had water damage due to a roof leak! She called SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach  to handle the headache for her and she was so happy with our service, she gave us a perfect score on her customer satisfaction report! Thanks Marianne 

We were proud to assist our local FLORIDA NATIONAL GUARD when they experienced severe water damage! They gave us excellent scores on their customer satisfaction report! It was an honor for us to perform mitigation there and to make it "Like it never even happened." 

The flood happened out of no where. The water rain for about 10 minutes. We called you guys and the guys have been wonderful! They checked in with us everyday and came early but late enough for us to have time for coffee. 

Customer gave all 10's on survey for politeness, promptness, explanation of the process, confidence, and professionalism portrayed by  SERVPRO via the Certificate of Satisfaction! 

"We had water damage and SERVPRO performed restoration for us. They were great!"

"This team is Great - Thank you!!"

"We were very appreciative of everything done by SERVPRO. Thanks-a-million!" 

Kurt had water damage at his residence, he called on SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine to take care of it for him and he was glad he did! He gave us an excellent score on his customer satisfaction report! We appreciate the opportunity to assist people in their time of need and we enjoy helping others. Thanks Kurt!

I was very pleased with the team and the professionalism, knowledge, and urgency they displayed during the duration of the job! I would happily recommend this franchise to my friends or neighbors! 

Doug experienced water damage and he called us to help, when we finished Doug gave us perfect scores on our Customer satisfaction report. We were happy to help, thanks again Doug! 

Carole G called on us when she had water damage and when we were finished with remediation, she gave us a perfect score on her customer satisfaction report! Thanks again Carole

Heide gave us excellent feedback on our customer satisfaction report and gave us 10s across the board. She was very impressed with how knowledgeable our on-site personnel was when she had questions about the job.

Holly experienced water damage and she turned to SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach for remediation. When remediation was complete; Holly gave us great feedback on our customer satisfaction report! Thanks Holly, we were glad to help.

Sean returned from work to find his home had flooded with water, and in his time of need he called us to take care of his home. Sean gave us a perfect score on his customer satisfaction report, 10's across the board! Thanks Sean! We were happy to help.

Eric had water damage and he chose to call us. Eric gave us a perfect score on his customer satisfaction report and couldn't be happier with our service. Thanks again Eric, we were happy to help

Kari had severe water damage and she came to us for remediation. Kari was so pleased with her experience with us, she gave us a perfect score on her customer satisfaction report! Thanks again Kari

Kerrie experienced water damage from a toilet leak. She called us for help and she was happy with how we quickly and professionally we performed remediation. Thanks Kerrie!

Ellison had a water leak in an upstairs bathroom. After SERVPRO finished with remediation, Ellison said that he was happy with how friendly and courteous our office and our on-site personnel was. We were glad to help Ellison and are thankful he called us for help!

James had water damage due to a tropical storm. Despite all the active jobs and work we were taking care of due to the storm, our customers still experienced top of the line customer service. James gave us all 10's on his satisfaction report. He appreciated how professional and caring our technicians were.

Thanks again James! 

When asked to provide feedback on her experience with SERVPRO, Erin gladly gave us a perfect score. Erin was very appreciative of how efficient and professional our technicians presented themselves while on site. She gave us all 10s on her customer satisfaction report and even said she would recommend us to family and friends!

Thank you Erin.

"I was extremely happy with the generosity and politeness of this SERVPRO crew!" 

I want to congratulate your crew for their quick response during our emergency, and the professional manner in which it was handled. 

The crews communicated very effectively and provided excellent customer service. The crews even added additional equipment to our bathroom to allow our flooded materials to dry quickly, meeting a difficult deadline.

The crew was very professional and knowledgeable. I was happy with every member of the crew. Marcus was hard working and remarkable Gentleman. Thanks SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach

When the hot water heater malfunctioned causing flooding on the second story of the townhome, the home warranty company failed to provided compensation in a timely manner. Luckily, SERVPRO saved the day and restored our home, despite the delay. As a property manager, I recommend SERVPRO to anyone facing a disaster, and we are committed to using their services for all our properties in the future!

6000 SF of commercial space flooded during hurricane Irma. SERVPRO responded to the emergency call as soon as the storm passed, and we were able to quickly remediate the damage throughout the entire facility. Had SERVPRO not responded quickly, the damage would have been much worse, and the business would have stayed closed much longer!

Kathy manages over 100 properties in St. Augustine and uses SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach for all of her emergency restoration needs. When a second story condo flooded, SERVPRO responded quickly to assist with the flooding. Our crews were given perfect scores on their evaluations, and Kathy recommends us to any other property managers in St. Augustine.

When the roof was leaking at this local bank, Allison called our 24 hour emergency response teams to extract the water. Our crew responded in 30 minutes, and they were able to minimize the damage. Allison gave us 10/10, and now uses us for all commercial restoration services!

Barbara suffered a water loss at her home in Jacksonville, FL. Our crews responded immediately to provide assistance with water extraction. "The crews were punctual, professional, and efficient every day. We were thankful we chose SERVPRO!"

David was very knowledgeable, I could tell he was passionate about what he did. Great company, gave us a very good cash deal, worked around our needs and made sure everything was dry! SERVPRO in St Augustine is highly recommended!

Didn't know who to call, then I remembered there is a green van that's always parked off Ponte Vedra bvld! Called 800-SERVPRO, St Augustine SERVPRO came out - did a great job, came out late at night, guided us through the process and made sure everything was dry. Stressed out, but glad SEVPRO in St Augustine came out, good experience with their services.

SERVPRO of St Augustine were friendly, knowledgeable and fast. The final invoice was lower than the original estimate, which you don't often see, the quality of work was outstanding, they extracted all the water, cleaned and reset our furniture and items - truly made it, “Like it never even happened.” We would hire and refer business to this SERVPRO in St Augustine any day!

SERVPRO in St Augustine worked after hours, worked directly with the contractor who caused the damage - we didn't have to do anything. It was very refreshing in such a stressful situation.

My rental property was left in pretty bad shape (animal smells). Very happy I chose SERVPRO in St Augustine - they did an outstanding job and we were able to move back in as scheduled.

Ruth couldn't say enough praises regarding the service she received from SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach. She was amazed how quickly and efficiently our technicians completed all work, how knowledgeable and courteous all our office staff was and how accommodating we all were with all of the stakeholders - all 10's!!!

Mark was stressed. He works nights, lives in a big house with his elder mother...and it may have been a few days before he discovered water damage!!! No need to panic! SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine makes things 'like it never even happened'. Air scrubbers, state of the art DEHU's and this Bartram Trail home is water and mold free! SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is a full service restoration company and Mark gladly accepted our construction/putback services. We got you Bartram area!

Natalie got home for lunch to let her dogs out...slab leak flooded her entire home. She called her insurer Tower Hill, who suggested to use SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine, based on customer's feedback, and Natalie was not disappointed. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is truly greater than the rest. Mrs. Powers was so impressed with the service she received and the quality of work that when she accidently selected a 9 on our 10 point survey she had us unlock the survey to re-do!!!

When the housekeeper stopped by for a routine cleaning of this gorgeous Ponte Vedra home, she was in for quite a surprise. Second floor water heater feeding pipe broke and flooded a substantial area. Once hero's from SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine arrived - no damage was a match. George and Marla were thoroughly impressed with the team from SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine and are currently in the process of reviewing our putback estimate! The only full service SERVPRO in St Augustine!

When I hired SEVPRO of Greater St Augustine, I didn't know what to expect, I have never experienced a flood and it was a very stressful situation. SERVPRO's onsite staff was professional, knowledgeable, and acted with a great degree of urgency. They were able to turn a stressful situation into a positive one. I would definitely recommend their services and will hire them again to clean my carpets, but I'm hoping to never need them again for water damage!

My upstairs neighbor had a broken pipe and didn't know how to shut the water off. I was upset. My State Farm agent referred SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine. When the adjustor came he tried to get me to go with another restoration company, however I liked the guys from SERVPRO and I was not disappointed. Even the adjustor admitted SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is better than all other restoration companies he deals with! Very impressive - recommend them to everyone!

At first I didn't realize it was a big deal - fish tank leaked out on our hardwood flooring. We put our trust in SERVPRO - they were out quickly, they were able to find water in places we would never suspect it went. Their equipment seemed to be super high tech and they explained every step of the way. What was most impressive is the fact that they not only saved all of our flooring, they gave us such a good price that our insurance company that refused coverage decided to settle!

Very impressed with everyone that came out from SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach, what a group of professionals. Recommended on all emergencies.

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach did an outstanding job. Starr and David were great, they explained every step of the process, met with all of the stakeholders and even suggested different vendors for things I needed. Left their lockbox for other vendors to use.

SERVPRO located in St. Augustine offered full service restoration - they did the plumbing work, water damage remediation, and even reconstruction! That is what I was looking for and while I have used other restoration companies in the past I have never received the service I was looking for, albeit SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach was able to deliver! I work in the insurance adjusting industry and have already referred David and the team to my colleagues.

Great group of guys, all remediation delivered as promised, good communication. Definitely recommend SERVPRO in St. Augustine for all Damage Restoration needs.

Guys from SERVPRO out of St. Augustine, covering the St. Johns County were great!!! When my insurance offered "complimentary" drying service I declined as I felt comfortable dealing with SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach, who came out so quickly. They did a great job, highly recommended in all Water Damage situations! Great Local company!

I had no idea stucco cracks can cause this much Water Damage. Starr from our local SERVPRO in St. Augustine was great!!! She found the source, offered a quick solution and excellent price. Very happy with the SERVPRO guys, great technology and quality work. Highly recommend to everyone in St. Augustine for all damage restoration!

Starr and the team were very good. Came out within 30 minutes of the call. Dried everything very good. Explained a lot about water damage restoration. Reconstruction part took longer than expected, but overall very happy with SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach!

Had amazing experience with SERVPRO in St. Augustine. Very knowledgeable and polite. Everyone did such a great job restoring our water damaged home in St. Augustine Beach!

Starr and DJ were great, came out late at night and put us at easy. Everyone at SERVPRO's St. Augustine location was professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for all water damage restoration!