What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

A local Restaurant gave us all tens on the certificate of satisfaction. The restaurant signer said we did a great job!

This house fire in Vilano Beach was caused by a self cleaning oven. SERVPRO responded within 45 minutes of receiving the call. SERVPRO handled everything from fire restoration to clothing cleaning to removing the smoke smell. Very convenient to have a 1 stop shop.

SERVPRO did a great job, they were knowledgeable, completed all work as scheduled and our tenant moved right back into the commercial space! Really satisfied with the services provided!

SERVRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach were professional, they were the second company that came out, but they treated me with respect, showed they wanted the job and sent my adjuster an estimate quickly! Did a great job overall and communicated really well!

Sarah could not say enough praises regarding her experience with the SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine. She absolutely adored our crew, impressed with the quality and speed of work, and amazed as to how easy it was to hire us and accept our services. She stressed many times that there is only one restoration company she will ever use, should a need arise, and that of course is SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine - the only SERVPRO that is greatER than the rest. In everything we do.

My condo was damaged by heavy smoke from a fire in the building. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine were hired to clean and store contents. They exceeded all expectations - I didn't have to deal with my insurance at all, they handled it all! As soon as my condo was ready, they moved all my things in! Everything was clean and as good as new!!! If anything like this was to happen to me again, there is not a restoration company better than the SERVPRO located in St Augustine.

One of our ocean view condos here at the Beach Club caught a little fire - plastic chandelier melted down and covered the entire place in heavy soot. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is here in the Old City and they came out fast and gave us a free estimate. Gave us a great discount and were hired on the spot. Very impressed with the quality of work and staff. Everyone was very professional. All work completed on time - we were able to move someone right in. Super work!

Although I live in Jacksonville I was advised to go with SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine to remove electrical fire smoke damage from my condo. They lived up to all my expectations! SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine were available every time I called, they took good care storing my contents, and even painted my condo inside when insurance didn't agree with the scope of work and asked them to simply wipe down the walls. Awesome guys!

My furniture needed cleaning after light smoke damage. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine came out as promised, gave me a good price and did a great job on the upholstery! I keep telling everyone about these guys - A+++

Guys from SERVPRO in St. Augustine were great! I had another SERVPRO look at my damages but I really did not like the service and the estimate and wanted someone with a local touch. Great Service and Quality work by SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach!

SERVPRO's St. Augustine location was provided outstanding pack-out and content cleaning expertise - the project was completed ahead of time and the pricing we received was unbelievable. Will definitely recommend SERVPRO's services to anyone!

SERVPRO's staff is top notch. Quality of work and communication were outstanding. Highly recommend SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach for all restoration needs!