Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO vans responding to Emergency water damage loss

SERVPRO is here to help 24/7/365

It's 7AM on a calm, Saturday morning.

You get out of bed to get yourself some coffee only to find that overnight, your kitchen has flooded and theres standing water a foot deep...

You start to panic... but then you remember the guys in Green at SERVPRO are Here to Help 24/7/365! You grab your phone, give SERVPRO a call, and within the hour you have highly trained professionals getting to work to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Call today at (904) 429-4457 for a free estimate!

SERVPRO drying equipment

Wet Floor! SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is on it!

When a commercial size church in historic downtown Saint Augustine became the victim of water damage, they knew just who to call. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is here to help St John's County 24/7! We specialize in commercial water extraction! We've been servicing St John's County for 5 years now and we're here to stay. Call us at (904) 429-4457 for a free estimate!

SERVPRO employees cutting drywall

Cutting Into Drywall Helps Us Find the Source of a Water Leak!

Here are two technicians doing a great job cutting into drywall to find the source of a water leak. Call SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach for a free estimate at (904)-429-4457 if you need water damage restoration, mold removal, or mold remediation!

flooded storage unit

Heavy Rain Can Cause Water Damage!

Heavy rain can cause damage to your home or property. In the event of heavy rains, make sure all of the entry and exit levels in the building are secured and won't leak. If water makes its way inside, call SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine at (904)-429-4457! We can perform water extraction and a timely dry-out process! 

A SERVPRO employee with a mask removing damage flooring from a water damage event

Water Damage? We Can Help!

Untreated water damage can result in harmful mold forming. If you suspect your home or business has water damage, call SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach at 904-429-4457! 

SERVPRO vehicles at HOME 2 SUITES By Hilton

SERVPRO vehicles at HOME 2 SUITES By Hilton

We were excited to help HOMES 2 SUITES By Hilton today! They needed water removal and dehumidification and they called the right number! (904) 429-4457!

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach is here for the community we love and live in. 

Caved-in ceiling due to water damage

Water Damage can be more dangerous than you think

After having a leak from an upstairs bathroom sink, standing water caused the floor to cave in. The damage was severe and devastating to the homeowner, but with our help, the customer had an overall great restoration experience. They gave us a perfect score on their customer satisfaction report and thanked us for making it "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine / St Augustine Beach at (904) 429-4457

proper drying equipment and techniques are essential

Water damage restoration in process

Restoration of a water damaged area requires not only the proper types and amounts of equipment, but also the technical expertise to make the drying process effective.  Proper mitigation lowers claims costs and shortens the project timeline.  That's good for everyone involved. Call your local SERVPRO at (904) 429-4457

Water Damage Restoration in Process

Water restoration process begins after water line bursts

SERVPRO technicians begin the dryout and restoration process soon after the call for help.  Quick response, state of the art equipment, expert industry specific knowledge, and ongoing training, allow us to work efficiently to help the homeowners with this disaster, to make it "Like it never even happened." (904) 429-4457

SERVPRO service van and car

Local Emergency Water job

We received a call yesterday by a homeowner for water damage, the homeowner asked us to get there as soon as we could. We were on site just an hour later and the drying process was underway within two hours of the homeowners call!

Call your local SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach at (904) 429-4457

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach responding to a commercial water damage in St. Augustine

SERVPRO is here to help. Commercial Loss in St. Augustine.

When a local church experience a severe flooding, they trusted SERVPRO's St Augustine location to make things right. 

SERVPRO responded quickly, assessed damaged, and educated elderly owners on what the recommended steps were. 

As a result of these professional actions - no services were missed that week. (904) 429-4457

SERVPRO equipment drying a residential property

Water Jobs

Our team responded quickly to a local water job.  If you have a water emergency, call 904-429-4457

SERVPRO is on the frontline of training, technology and technique! Give us a call for a free estimate! (904) 429-4457 

Category 3 Water Loss

These photos were taken after a customer called us for an estimate. Unfortunately in this case they decided to hire another restoration company in the area. Luckily, the customer's insurance adjuster caught on that the proper work was not being conducted; nor was the proper equipment being used. They called us back and we are currently working to correct the mistakes and restore this home. "Like it never even happened."

Emergency Response to Flooding in a Commercial Building

This is our Project Manager, Kenny who is setting up equipment at this flooded space.  We were able to respond and begin this remediation process within 30 minutes.  This rapid response helps in the decrease of overall loss and ultimately helps businesses like these to quickly restore their operations.   

SERVPRO is ready for dispatch at a moment's notice in St. Johns County.

SERVPRO's emergency fleet in St Augustine. Ready for dispatch at a moment's notice, proudly serving St. Johns County and the Greater St Augustine area. We provide fast water damage response, and other emergency cleaning needs, such as blood-borne pathogen contamination. Call 904-429-4457 for all your restorations needs - big or small we do them all! 

SERVPRO's St Augustine location is quickly on the scene!

Checked on one of many emergency jobs we received this evening - SERVPRO sign is out, equipment is staged, cone is out (Safety First!) - what an impressive job! 

Here at SERVPRO we always strive to be the best, to be the industry leaders, and to always put customers first! 

Flood in a Medical Office

When this medical office flooded they called the #local SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach. Our teams are trained to follow all HIPPA laws in order to protect the patients in this office, so these doctors had no issues hiring us on the spot.

We were able to extract the water and place drying equipment within the first 2 hours following the loss. We helped get the office open faster in order to allow the patients not to lose our on their normal appointments.

Call us today for any floods requiring water extraction 904-429-4457

Antique Collection Restoration

This collection of antique British Firearms and Swords would rival most museums. The collection is held in a room of a private residence and is displayed prominently for all visitors to see. 

When a flood threatened the integrity of this collection, SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine Beach acted quick to ensure no long lasting damage would occur.

The second story bathroom flooded into the adjacent room. Thanks to quick action by the home owner and SERVPRO, the flood was contained, and the collection was not affected at all!

Washing Machine Connections

Have you checked your washing machine connections lately? Like everything else in your home, washing machine hoses are subject to wear and tear which could lead to devastating flooding throughout your home.

It is important to perform routine loss prevention checks to ensure that the hoses on your washing machine are properly connected and still fully in tact. 

Take our advice: It's much cheaper to replace potentially faulty hoses than it is to repair water damage throughout the home

Dehumidifier and Air Mover Combo

After a flood, some people think that air movers are enough equipment. In reality, Dehumidifiers are required to return the affected areas back to their original dry standard.

Without dehumidifiers, air movers simply push moist warm air around the room. The dehumidifiers work to remove that humid warm air in order to thoroughly dry the room.

Questions about restoration? Call us today at 904-429-4457!

YMCA Flood in Ponte Vedra Beach

When the YMCA in Ponte Vedra Beach had a sprinkler head break in the gymnasium they called the #LOCAL SERVPRO. Our Emergency teams responded after hours to assist with the damage. By the time we're done it will look "Like it never even happened!"

SERVPRO's St. Augustine logistics dwarf the competition.

Some of our fleet, lined up in a single file line,  is ready to respond at a moments notice! With 8 vehicles ready to respond anywhere in St. Johns County - Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, St John's Golf and Country Club area, down to St. Augustine Beach - there is not a job that is too big or too small! Your emergency matters to us, no matter what size it is. 

SERVPRO's trucks out on a Water Loss in World Golf Village (St. Augustine, Florida)

Couple of our vehicles responded to an after-hours Water Damage. State Farm loss - more than 75% of laminate flooring is affected and removed, crews worked into the late hours, ensuring proper first response. From World Golf to St Augustine Beach, with highly trained technicians - no one is faster! 904-429-4457. 

"Scoping" Biohazard cleanup in St Augustine/World Golf Village

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach is out scoping the area.  We are always helping residents of the Old City during their times of need.  Call us today for more information.  

Water Damage in St Augustine - call Greater!

Unloading equipment for one of the first water damage/water extraction jobs we took on. SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine has experienced water extraction professionals.  Call us to learn more about this service.

We can see you water! We can totally see you!!! Water Damage experts in St Augustine

SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine has the toys!!! From infrared cameras to basic penetrating moisture measuring equipment we have it all! Which in turn allows us to find water that normally wouldn't be found...

Water Damage in St Augustine Beach

How much wood can a SERVPRO save if a SERVPRO could save wood? Yes we can, we save it all! SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is the leader in St Johns County in water restoration and hardwood floor drying.

Somebody got some stainin' to do!

From small baseboard put back to full frame up construction SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine is capable of taking on a wide range of jobs!  Painting and staining are just some of the services we provide to restore our customer's homes after the impact of fire, water, and/or mold.  

Water Damage Repair in St Augustine

This St. Augustine home had an upstairs leak that affected the ceiling on the first floor. We have the expertise and equipment to restore this home properly.  Call us today to find out about the services we can offer you.  

Water Damage - Category 3 - St Augustine Beach

In the picture you see SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach staging our equipment during a water damage remediation job in St Augustine.  This particular job is considered a Category 3 due to potential sewage backup.  Our crews respond to these incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Water damage in Ponte Vedra home

Freshly pulled baseboards - one of the steps performed during water remediation process. The baseboards are removed to allow airflow under the drywall, which in turn allows the drying process within various cavities.

Water Damaged utility room in St. Augustine

Demo in progress! After the subfloor was saturated with moisture there was no other choice but to remove it. The photo shows the subfloor demolition - it was later replaced with brand new subfloor and tile flooring. Visit the "before and after" section of our website for many of our job photos.

Some of SERVPRO's trucks in action, Ponte Vedra, Fl.

Big or small we take on any jobs. Photo shows our trucks at a job site, a plumber referral. When the plumber discovered a flooded home he comfortably referred SERVPRO of Greater St Augustine/St Augustine Beach, as he knew the quality will be the highest.

Water Damage comes in all forms and shapes in St. Augustine, Fl.

Utility room got water damaged when a pipe in the crawl space sprung a leak. Because this was a small leak, it was not discovered for months. SERVPRO in St. Augustine has the technological advantage and know how to address any water damage situation. We work directly with your insurance and often discount or pay your deductible!

Water Damage in St. Johns Golf and Country Club. SERVPRO in St. Augustine

Floating the carpeting in a Water Damage situation in one of many neighborhoods SERVPRO located in St. Johns County covers. Give SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach a call for a free no hassle estimate! 904-429-4457, We make Restoration easy.

Spiderbox application in a Water Damage situation by SERVPRO in St. Augustine.

When the extent of Water Damage requires additional equipment, in an effort to limit the pressure on the electrical system, we leverage a "Spiderbox". Spiderbox is a device that allows us to split power from Dryer or Stove's 220 outlets. SERVPRO in St. Augustine has the toys to take on any job!

Water Damage in Ponte Vedra - SERVPRO's St. Johns County location dispatched!

Had to load up all that equipment by myself! There was help at the job site though! When it comes to emergency response to flooding or residential water damage - no one is faster than SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach in St. Johns County, with a 30 minute emergency response guarantee!

Targeted drying is key to Water Damage Restoration in St. Augustine.

Photo demonstrates how SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach is able to leverage household items to change up drying angles and in the process enhance the dry out and thus limit the time of the overall Water Damage Project.

Lights, camera, action! SERVPRO's St. Augustine location

Lights, camera, action! SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach is in action on a recent water loss in St. Augustine. Faster to any size disaster - yes we are! 904-429-4457